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Main Actors in Pro-Palestinian Lawfare in the Netherlands

The European Legal Support Center (ELSC) is hosted in the office of the Rights Forum Foundation in Amsterdam. The latter is an official foundation with a legal status and registration at the Chamber of Commerce. The funding and legal status of ELSC is unclear. ELSC and Rights Forum share a number of main actors:

Gerard Jonkman is director of The Rights Forum and member of the steering group of ELSC.
Lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld is member of the advisory council of both groups.
Andre Nollkaemper, her husband, is memebr of the advisory board of The Rights Forum.
The law firm Prakken Oliveira, where Liesbeth Zegveld works, plays an important role in all law suits against Israël filed in Dutch courts, in the last twenty years.

Other main actors in the pro-Palestinian lawfare in the Netherlands are:
Mr.Brechtje Vossenberg, of law firm Prakken Oliveira, who represented Shawan Jabarin (Al Haq) in a case against CIDI.
Itaï van de Wal, junior legal officer at ELSC, is also active in the Students4Palestine and the BDS movement.

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